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Ever since its formation in 1970, Warminster History Society has held regular meetings at which members have enjoyed talks given by invited speakers, on local, national and international history. In recent years these meetings have been held monthly on the second Monday of the month. Computer technology has improved greatly and nowadays all speakers use PowerPoint or similar technology in the presentation of their talks. The History Society has kept abreast of these technical developments and the members have found that talks are even more enjoyable and memorable.

A serious problem has arisen.  To continue to enjoy these monthly meetings, the technical equipment must be set up and must be ready for any problem that may occur when the technology used by the Society does not match exactly the technology that the speaker expected.  Unfortunately, no Society member is now in a position to undertake the monthly task of preparing the computer, the projector and the sound amplifier so, as a result, it has not been possible to organise a programme of talks for the year beginning April 2018.

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A number of ideas have been put forward, including cutting the number of meetings, changing the time of meetings or changing the day of meetings.  The committee of the Warminster Museum and History Society are keen to hear the views of members and non-members of the Society because the committee believe that it is vital to keep alive an interest in Warminster’s heritage as an assurance that a knowledge of our town’s history and heritage will always be preserved in Warminster.  


Some earlier programmes